Puppy Starter – set up for success!

While young, dogs being to take in the world the moment their nose can work. Once they are in our homes, we want to ensure they are prime and ready to learn manners, and to engage with their humans. We build our bond with our animals as soon as we meet them, so we want to make sure the quality of that bond is not only strong, but based on trust.

For puppies under 1 year.

Basic Obedience/Manners

We want to take our dogs with us, but we have to make sure they are well prepared. This course doesn’t just focus on having your dog do neat things like “sit” and “stay”, but also focuses on building behaviour reliably so that we can be sure they will commit to the behaviours in different environment.

For Dogs 1 yr and older

Behaviour Modifying

Our dogs are great companions, but sometimes don’t respond to what we say, even when “taught” the cues. We become frustrated by the lack of progress. Let’s find the primary issue that is causing the behaviour/lack of behaviour, and work to resolve them.

For dogs of all age.

Trick Training (Group Class)

Take your bond with your dog to the NEXT LEVEL!
Learn 15 tricks & put them together for a ROUTINE. This exercises a dog’s focus, and train a handler’s ability to notice and mark behaviour.

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