How This Works

This is regarding the PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS, not Group Classes.

They are conducted IN-HOUSE, so I can best see how your dog is doing in their most familiar environment.


Here is where we start. The purpose of this session is to gain an understanding of the everyday life between you and your dog. Understanding what is the norm for the dog will give me a better understanding for how behaviours were formed or how we will be try to form. I will also ask to see you take your dog on a walk, to get a sense of how they are in and outside the house. After getting an understanding of you and your dog, we will sit-down, and I will create a training plan for you to follow. I will explain what to do and demonstrate how to do it, and will check back with you in a week!

(If the dog has not yet been neutered/spayed, our next session will be when they have been!)

Training Session

Here, the fun begins! Following the assessment session, we will now work step by step through the training plan. Training sessions are on a weekly basis, though flexibility is expected. Please book the sessions one (1) week in advance.

Get in Touch

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