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Why Do Dog Training?

We all love our dogs and are willing to do just about anything to give them the best life they can get. A happy dog is a healthy dog, both physically and mentally. Training can help do both!

Training isn’t just making dogs do cute tricks, it also makes them use their brain power! By stimulating them mentally and physically, you are enriching their lives and challenging them and bringing them to their full potential.

What I Do

What is positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is one of the four quadrants to Operant Conditioning.
In simplest terms, Conditioning is learning.
By associating the desired behaviour with something they want (treat, toy, praise), you are teaching your dog to repeat this wanted behaviour.
However, this is breaking down Positive Reinforcement into its simplest form. Positive Reinforcement can be used in all types of training, and in many different ways.
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