Learning with Your Companion

Using Force-Free Methods : Guided by Science : R+ Based

What is Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement is one of the Four Quadrants of Operant Conditioning defined by B.F. Skinner, and is the basic foundation of Learning.

We will be focusing on Pos. Rein. as our basis for training, and building upon behaviour through Capturing, Luring, and Shaping.

About the Trainer

Janice is a graduate of University of Victoria, majoring in Psychology(BA).

Her passion and love for dogs motivated her to seek out International Academy of Canine Trainers, where her interest in applying psychology to dog training ignites.

She then begins her path towards dogs helping humans by enrolling in the Service & Therapy Dog Program (Animal Behaviour Institute).

She is currently fulfilling her requirements for Service & Therapy Dog Program and will be taking the exam for CPDT-KA.

  • All Classes Are Private Except for Tricks, which is held at
    Cathie’s Canine Connections Facility in Cedar Hill

Get in Touch

Reach me directly: janicek9training@gmail.com